At Cordova Food Design, we believe food and learning are inextricably linked. We help small and large schools and school systems to rethink their approach to school-based nutrition with USDA-approved menu redesign, contract negotiation support, onsite food preparation consultation, and even food-curriculum integration. We have experience with food redesign from systems as large as Boston Public Schools and First Lady Michelle Obama's "Chef's Move to School" Task Force, to more localized support of single site schools. In particular, our projects for districts and charter networks focus on:

  • Creating innovative food-delivery and nutritious experiences for K-12, that meet USDA requirement
  • Improving both cost, quality and curricular integration of food and food experiences in schools / school systems
  • Supporting operational enhancements from purchasing through delivery
  • Thinking deeply about the communal eating experience and its connection to academic success and culture for students, staff and administrators